Friday, August 18, 2006

Pictures from Loess Hills

  I love these hills, the only other place in the world they have hills like these are in China.  The hills are not suppose to be covered in trees and in places like the Hickcock Nature Center they are reverting the hills back to the way they used to be.  Large twisted Oaks and prairie grasses.  They call it the 50 year plan.  Sure would be nice to see the finished product.


  Below if one of our favorite hiking path.  There are many.


                      Even the birds enjoy the view from the hills.

 I have been trying to do more and more pictures manually.  Trying to control shutter speed, white light etc....  Not having a lot of luck yet and getting some pretty weird color variations. And whats up with that focus!  Practice practice.  I like putting my really bad pictures on so Greg will let me know what I have done wrong and how to fix it.  I save all his tips in a file.  Someday I may get a picture as nice as his.



              Little whispers in the wind

                   of tall grasses

            gently brushing the blue skies.


               Under the boardwalk.

   Now when women go hiking they sometimes get to see things that men don't in the search for a little, ahem, privacy.  When nature calls you see nature in a different off the beaten path way!

  The last picture for now because I have to go to work soon.  I call it Shadow Lands.




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inquestoftruth said...

manual?   What's the benefits to that?    Well, your great pics, for one thing I guess.     I SO need to learn more about photography.   Was looking at the local college personal enrichment classes.    Two or three photography ones coming up.   I may take one...

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