Friday, September 8, 2006

Early Morning walk

  I couldn't sleep with this darn cold so went for an early morning walk with my husband, dog, and my camera of course.  
The moon was large in the sky.



   The river walk was hazy and cool.


   The haze gives this picture of the train crossing the bridge a soft feel.


   Red sky in the morning, sailers take warning!


  Now I have several of these in different positions.  It just looked so cool I kept snapping away. 


   OK, thats all for now but don't you think they were nice!  Next just some pics along the walk.  If you ever wonder why your phone gets poor reception it could be because of this.  This tower is always covered at night with turkey vultures.


  now this next picture I think the colors are nice.  The sun was up just enough to give it a soft hazy look and I like it.

   Just a few more I liked.  Of course as usual I took about a hundred but won't go to all the trouble of posting all of them, and didn't keep all of them of course but the light was really nice.  I hope tonight I can get some sunset pictures as we are suppose to have a partly cloudy sky.

  Zoey kept looking back to see why I kept stopping, maybe she was missing something, LOL.   So this was my morning walk.  I got some nice pictures, some exercise and some fresh air.



nhd106 said...

Damn you're good.


lanurseprn said...

Your pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS!!  WOW!!   I'm impressed.  When I upgrade my camera I want one as good as yours. matter how nice of a camera I buy, my pics won't be this nice. Guaranteed!

inquestoftruth said...

I think these may be some of your best work!

rbrown6172 said...

wonderful pics!!  i love that first shot of the moon!!!  looks like you had a great time.  :)

madcobug said...

I love all those pictures. You did a good job. Joey is a beautiful dog. Helen

radar446 said...

These are great pictures, you improve every time you go out.  I see you are starting to really use leading lines in some of your compositions.  I really like the sun shots where you positioned the building inbetween you and the sun.  It adds so much drama to the shot and reduces some of the strain on exposure.  Keep it up, you are really growing as a photographer.


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