Thursday, September 28, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt #90

The subject this week is:  "Autumn"

Interpret this any way you like and have fun!

   So armed with my camera, new filter and instructions on how to use it I went off looking for autumn pictures.  Right away I ran into a problem.  Looking into my viewfinder I couldn't see well enough to tell any difference when I rotated my filter!  I tried covering it and looking but really couldn't tell much.  It was also overcast at times by the time we got started.  Some pictures turned out great, some awful and very dark and some more colorful then they looked in real life.  I even brought my tripod and used it.  Gee, starting to at least look like I know what I am doing, LOL.  So here are a few.  As usual  I took over 180 pictures and have trouble decided which to show so I will show more then one, less then 180.

      Now this one is a little dark but I love the way the road S curves away.

We were at the beginning of the horse trail so this hitching posts drew my attention along with the dark red sumac in the back.

   This is one of those that was more colorful in the picture then I remembered it really being.  My husband says it really looked like that but he had sunglasses on.  Must be the filter?  I do like the road in it though.

  We have lots of wild turkey around and these 2 sat still long enough for a picture.

    Last but not the least of the many I took the sound of crunching leaves under my feet as I climbed up steep hills to get to the top for pictures.  Taking pictures is good exercise.


radar446 said...

Great Shots!!  That filter will really make a difference in the color saturation of the fall leaves.  The sunglasses, if polarized, will have the same effect as well.  I too like the road weaving through two of those shots.  That is a wonderful example of using an "S" Curve to draw the viewer into the picture.  Nicely executed.  As far as some of the pictures coming out kind of dark, that is not too surprising.  When Using a polarizer, you will in essence be reducing the amount of light entering the camera by up to two full stops.  You will need to double check your light meter reading and make sure the camera has compensated.


nhd106 said...

I can't give the kind of advice or comments that Mr. Greg gives, but I CAN say that I love these shots.   I'm a fool for path shots...and in the fall?  OH!


rayne1123 said...

i think these are great

madcobug said...

I love the paths and the other pictures as well. You did great. The colors are changing much faster there than they are here. I have noticed before that when looking through polorized sunglasses that the fall leaf colors are much prettier. I have made that remark to my hubby before. Helen

lindaggeorge said...

What beautiful photos, I shall put you on my Alerts.

Thanks for coming to see my Horse pictures, I can see I shall have to try to improve my standards!!


valphish said...

Wow, these are fabulous!  Totally awesome!   Those turkeys made me smile and the last two are wonderful!  I love nature shots, so I am a bit excited about these =), wow!  Good shots!  Hugs, Val xox

fisherkristina said...

Absolutely gorgeous!  I love the turkeys!


rbrown6172 said...

love em all....beautiful country....beautiful fall pics...but number 4 is absolutely gorgeous!

sassydee50 said...

Nice job! I love #4--the way the road curves and the wild turkeys best! You make me want to go on a hike. blessings, Sassy ;-)  50 question survey here <<<

rebuketheworld said...

I love the road and I love the little rocky entry way...These photos make you want to take a long surreal walk,,,

sylviam4000 said...

You have such lovely countryside, our autumn colours are rarely that good over here. Beautiful pics.

fasttrack58 said...

I definitely think you know what you are doing... lol...
these are wonderful! and turkeys even....
Have a great week!
Linda :)

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