Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Great Old Buildings

   I needed out of the house yesterday.  Too sad all the memories.  So we went for a drive in South Dakato's back roads.  What wonderful old buildings.  I was thrilled to find this old homestead from 1869.


Just think, all the wood, all the work on this old house was done by hand.  This was fancier then alot of the old homes, 2 stories, gables..... I love this old building.

This next old barn is pretty neat also but I couldn't get a clear shot.  Check out the windows on it!

I look at these old homes, the children have moved and don't want to farm, the buildings just fall, abandoned.

  Also we saw some great old barns.  Some didn't look like they still should be used but they are....Some are huge and look in good shape.

Almost overnight the soy beans started to get yellow.  Fall is here.

The bank in Gayville is empty as are most of the banks in small towns these days.   This would make a cute little house and we have seen quite a few remodeled that way

One family built their own observation tower on top of the hill.

  As usual I took a ton of pictures.  I am more a picture taker then a photographer.  I look back on my pictures and remember fun trips and happy times.  A nice drive on a special day.

   I am excited.  I finally bought a CIRCULAR POLARIZER LENS FILTER  and can't wait until I get it to try out.  Should help with the soon to see snow pictures.  I also bought photoshop element 4.0 and will be getting that soon.  I plan to take out the wires in that old house picture plus the disc in the front yard.


radar446 said...

Wow!!!  Great pictures.  I just love old buildings, and it looks like you found a good many of them on your drive.  All of our old buildings are being replaced by Wal Marts, or Stop and Robs (convienience stores).  Thanks for posting them, I can get lost in the old wood texture.


lanurseprn said...

Julie, your pictures took my breath away! I love old historic buildings.  That one barn looks like a church with those windows!  Imagine the history that lies in those walls.  If the walls could talk, boy would I listen to their stories!  
Great collection!  I LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!!

rbrown6172 said...

great pics!!

nhd106 said...

Yes...I LOVE these pics too.   You are definitely a photographer...who ya kidding?  


rap4143 said...

I love old barns....what a wonderful collection :).

xxroxymamaxx said...

Wow, these are just beautiful places.  I love these!  Hugs, Shelly

mariebm56 said...

These were all great photos, love the old houses,barns & shacks!!!

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