Thursday, September 28, 2006

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Horses!

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Horses are nice. Show us a horse picture you've taken. It can be new, or one from your files. It just needs to have a horse in it. Donkeys, mules, ponies, zebras, and quagga are also acceptable, and I'll be impressed if you have a picture of a quagga in your files, being that they've been extinct for 125 years and all.By The Way...

    Well,  I had some horses in my files but wanted something new so yesterday we went looking for a good looking horse or 2.  I think this one is so pretty.



                             A muzzeled donkey


        And a hill full of neat old draft horses





rap4143 said...

Very nice :)

nhd106 said...

sweet little fellas, aren't they?  Except when you're on them and they have a mind of their!

Nancy  :P

rayne1123 said...

very pretty! i love horses. i had an arabian stallion in florida.  i will have to shared them one day.  thanks for sharing

radar446 said...

I like!!  Very good job with exposure on these.  I can still see the detail in the darkness of the horse, and you didn't overexpose the surrounding foliage.  Very nicely done!!


lanurseprn said...

Very pretty horses.  You are such a good photographer!

mariebm56 said...

Wonderful selection of horse photos.

tc01hm said...

Neat horses and images!

fisherkristina said...

Cool.  And I like the donkey a lot!


rbrown6172 said...

great shots.  i especially like the 2nd one!  :)

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