Saturday, November 1, 2008

Camera Critters

Camera-Critters #30

Welcome to the Camera-Critters meme. I hope that everyone enjoys this meme which is all about photos of animals/critters. So make your post, link back to here, visit other Camera-Critters captures, and have fun! Each week, on Sunday evening/night, a Camera-Critters capture from that week will be randomly selected to be featured in the sidebar of this blog until the next Sunday.

So's here Hairy the woodpecker at the feeder

And a smile from Zoey, the most beautiful dog I live with and my very own cancer warrior.

And a bug along side my wall I tried to capture, and not well with my new macro lens, how do I get it not to be blurry?

And a two toed sloth


ChrissyM said...

What a variety of pictures I love them all. Great shots!

Tootie said...

Very nice photos. :-) Have fun with the new lense. And, thanks for your visit.

fishing guy said...

Julia: Lovely captures of all the creatures.
The Box Elder bug is blurry because of depth of field on the Macro close-up. The lens was focused on the head so the body was out of focus. Read on that subject and it may help.

babooshka said...

Wondeful range of shots.

Connie said...

Very very beautiful-and hugs to Zoey

gina said...

these are all great. i really like the one of zoey...he really is smiling! and i love the bug. :)

kbear's heart 2 said...

well the bug looks great, just has a soft look to it. Love the woodpecker:-)~kbear

Picturing of Life said...

wonderful cc series u have

Mine CC post in HERE. Hope you have time to visit. Thanks.

dot said...

Great shots! Love that last one!

Martha said...

All gorgeous! Having fun with that new macro aren't you? :-)

Gretchen said...

Really great shots. Will be back again to visit. :)

{i}Post said...

Love your shots. Great macro lens. As far as the blurriness goes, you probably had the aperture set wide open at 1.8 or near there. You have to close down a bit to increase your depth of field! Hope that helps ;0)

lisaschaos said...

What a great variety! Common and uncommon. :) You'll find the sweet spot in your macro lens. :) Sometimes I switch to AV mode to help adjust my depth of field. :)

Misty Dawn said...

All of these photos are awesome! I think the sloth is a first for Camera-Critters, if I'm not mistaken.

Great post!

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