Wednesday, November 5, 2008


On this shot I wanted the view out the window to be sharp also. I tried focusing out and then bringing it in and visa versa. I think I took about 10 shots and not a one turned out. How would I do it. Thanks


MariesImages said...

I posted a few links on the Challenge journal that might help.
You need to adjust the aperture, on a high setting which would give a small opening. The smaller the opening, the more in focus. You might have to step back a little to snap a shot. You can always crop later.
One of the last posts on The Photo Challenge, I added an entry about cameras, that I found would help you & others. Hope this helps~

kbear's heart 2 said...

i think you need to step back a little for the lens to focus it all. depending on how long the lens is will depend on the length you need to back away from this.~kbear

Greg said...

What has been suggested are your two best bets for getting better depth of field. You will need to stop your lens down to a very small aperture, like f/22. The tradeoff with that will be diffraction, and an overall softening of the image. It will be worth it, and will likely go unnoticed as you will achive your goal of better overall focus. The wider your focal length the better as you will get deeper depth of field the wider you go.

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