Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday brought to you by Mary the Teach. Join in and check out the other Ruby entries by clicking on the tag.

Red at the Center

Cool signs at the furniture store


Jan said...

Each of these is a great capture. Happy Ruby Tuesday, to you.

Lisa said...

Great photos. I especially like the vase.

gina said...

lotsa ruby red in these pix. :) good job.

Dianne said...

excellent ruby shots!

Raven said...

Wow, what a great collection of signs and as read as can be too!

People with Cameras said...

OOoh, they are very cool signs, never seen anything like that before.

Leora said...

Those are great signs. The furniture store must have a talented graphic designer.

Catherine said...

Nice! the furniture store signs are very symbolized. And perfect color for Ruby tuesday. You're lucky.
For the first one, I wonder if "Interpretive Center" means a kind of museum ? It is great too.

Patti said...

Nice collection of signs with red for Ruby Tuesday!

Happy Belated RT ~

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