Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Watery Wednesday #17

Watery Wednesday, click on the photo above for more water shots.

I realize this is probably suppose to be for one water shot, but I shot photo's of this frozen fountain and felt they deserved to be a series. The first shot I enhanced to make it look like a drawing. All the busy background looked terrible any other way but looks good this way for some reason.

The ice looks so cold and frozen but with the fountains still going they are creating some interesting ice formations.

The water droplets create a curtain effect in this pictures and I think that fountain head in the back looks like a spilled urn, is that where all the droplets were coming from......
Shooting out of a frozen volcanic type ice cone the fountain blasts into the arctic temps and some are frozen almost when they fall once again into the water

Our own little glacier fields but weeks old instead of centuries.

Another volcanic type water eruption from the fountain.


gina said...

all are very nice and i like the special effects in the 1st photo too. it caught my eye immediately.

Jan said...

This is a great photo essay. I love all the photos, and your editing. I'm left scratching my head, wondering why they don't turn the fountain off. Maybe the pipes will be damaged if they do.

Anonymous said...

All captured well, the snow, rain and all :)

Lilly said...

wow, these are amazing photos.

Anonymous said...

Great artisitic series. I wish I had the the time to "play" with my photos more.

Natural Moments said...

It would be really interesting to watch the water fall and turn to ice before it hit the ground. It would be fairly surreal.

Catherine said...

They're stunning , Julie. What an effect droplets provides to your pictures. Now I have to watch where you liven because I haven't seen such a scene in our latitude.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

What a nice collection of ice photos. Ice can be sooo pretty as long as it's not under foot. ;-)

Guy D said...

Fantastic water/ice shots Julie, thanks for sharing.

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