Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Challenge - Many

Thursday's Challenge this week is many. Well..... I have many clocks. I love old clocks and have several. Here are some of them. They all work but I don't have all the chimes wound at one time. I have about 10 more that I rotate during the year plus some antique watches. Have absolutely no excuse for being late anywhere, LOL.

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hansenana said...

I really think that all your clocks are really cool. it sounds like something fun to collect. were did you get them? how long have you been collecting them for? how many do you have?

Tammie Lee said...

Those are some wonderful old clocks!

Mojo said...

You'd still have an excuse if they didn't keep accurate time (tryin' to help you out here!)

Cool collection!

SysterLilli said...

Wow! So many cool clocks and they all look antique. :)

George said...

You certainly have MANY clocks -- if you had all the chimes wound they would probably drive you crazy. We have three chiming clocks and sometimes it gets to be a bit much.

Carmi said...

I love how old clock faces have a richness that's totally lacking in more modern timepieces. I need to give some thought to one for our kitchen. The digital one on the microwave isn't doing it for me.

violet said...

Love your collection, Julie! Do they all tell the same time?

Gattina said...

You have no excuse to not be on time !!

mtrib2 said...

People took so much effort in having clocks as a center piece of their lives. It was truly one of the most important parts of the home, so that a person was always on time. I communicated with my Aunt Clara, Mom's deceased brother's wife, as she wrote me this past X-mas. She collected dishes, steins, and other antique's which filled their basement in organized shelves. I am an Antique's Roadshow fan. The clock's made for a great photo. mark

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