Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thermatic Photographic - New

To young to be afraid or cautious this little baby walks up to see what I'm putting in the feeder. And stuck around for a shot or 20.

To see more new photo's at Thermatic Photographic at Written Inc. click on the link.


Carmi said...

A magic moment, magically captured. What a beautiful way to interpret the theme. I can't help but think that fate smiled upon you on this day! May this always be so.

gina said...

awww so sweet! and i'm sure exciting for you. :)

Maureen Hayes said...

Welcome to TP this is a wonderful shot for the "new" theme. It is a glorious photo and I am jealous that you have deer that close to photograph! Thanks for sharing!!

madcobug said...

How very cute and sweet. Helen

Karen said...

What a beautiful baby deer and a very good interpretation of "new"! How cool that it wasn't afraid of you!

Mojo said...

Perfect choice! Just perfect. And a great shot too.

me said...

I hope this was something you will get to see often! Great Shot

jill said...

What a wonderful first submission to Thematic Photographic!

can't wait to see other!

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