Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Challenge-

"EXPERIMENTAL" (Interesting Photographic Effects, Failed/Strange Photos, Blurry, Overexposed,...)
To the rest of the Thursdays photo's or to play along click the link.

These are from my files. On this one I had set the camera and darted back to be in the picture. Not sure exactly why but I became transparent setting off all kind of philosophical discussions about about the fading role of women in today's society and the mother figure become less appreciated in the family unit, blah blah blah.

The one below was a school of fish, I had just got my new canon and obviously had some practicing to do.

Another fish shot behind glass. Don't know where the glasses came from and are those coins?

Focus focus focus.

Last, make sure people aren't wading in the aquarium, LOL. Hard to shoot through glass and fortunately some of my shots actually turned out.


Jan said...

Wow, Julie, the top one is really a mystery. I really like it, though.

Veronica said...

I agree that the image is mysterious, but there was a bit cool =)

lisaschaos said...

I think I see a face in that second fish photo, below the glasses. :) Neat effects, even if unintentional. And you being faded, that's bizarre!

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