Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sepia Scenes

I was messing around with frames and liked the looks of the reflection for this dive shot. Appropriate I thought.

Please click on the link above to see the rest of the sepia shots. Worth looking at.


Kahshe Cottager said...

What a fun photo for sepia scenes! This was a great shot!

Happy New Year!

Jan said...

Julie, this is the most creative sepia I've seen. I just love it.

MyMaracas said...

There's a lot to see here. The sculpture, the sepia coloring, and the reflection effect combine to make an arresting image.

gina said...

i like the way you have combined these. great job.

Mojo said...

Very nicely done. I'm assuming by "reflection" you mean the repeating pattern in the brickwork? It does give than appearance.

Nice work!

Robin said...

The bronze of the statue (if it is in fact bronze) lends itself very well to sepia. I love the sculpture. It's got a real understated grace.

Mamapippa said...

Thats a nice statue. Sepia is made for it !

lisaschaos said...

How fun! Love the sculpture! :)

Carletta said...

I'm so late getting around but this is wonderful! Love the layers.

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