Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A couple of shots. Ok 3 shots.

   I wanted to try a still life of my fall arrangement. 

  This next picture I originally took for Krissys Photo shoot but decided it wasn't quite right.  I do like it though.  The abandoned steps in our back woods leading to a house long gone.


fisherkristina said...

I love all of these.  


radar446 said...

I like you fall arrangement, the doillie (however it is spelled) makes for an interesting and different backdrop.  I'm surprised that nobody has thought of that before...at least that I've seen.  Well done!!  The steps are also nice, but I think I understand why you didn't use them for the hunt.  I do like the way they are peaking out from behind the leaves...just a hint of what is below.


rap4143 said...

Both nice images :).

rebuketheworld said...

What are you talking about?...these are lovely women! You could frame any of those...loved them....! -Raven

rbrown6172 said...

the still life's are pretty...and i love that last one.

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