Thursday, October 26, 2006

Some reasons why I like these shots.

   I am having better luck doing manual shots for some reason when it is overcast.  I can set my light setting better, maybe because I can see what I am doing in my viewfinder but maybe just lucky.  Quite a few shots still turn out too dark but some, although dark, are getting to the effect I want.  It gets closer to the shot I see in my head when I take the shot.  So anyway I took quite a few shots and I will tell you what I like about them.

   This one I like the way the lake in the back takes you away from the trees in the front.  The lake is what I wanted to draw your attention too, but through the trees.

   In the next picture what I was hoping to capture is the islands reflection in the water which I think I caught well.  With the leaves off of the trees and the general landscape being unstriking, I was hoping the island itself would be the focus of the picture.

    This next picture I think turned out kind of restful.  Some of my pictures when I was shooting into what little sun there was were kind of washed out.  In this case it gives it a peaceful, too me at least, quiet look where I would want to sit on the bench and just watch the  quiet of the water for awhile.

    The next picture I am kind of dissappointed in.  I wanted to let more light in because it was really dark and I think the tree in the water reflects that I go too much light.  I lost some of the detail. At least I think that is what I did wrong.  Greg any input here?  Too bright? It was such an interesting root system too.  I could probably fix it in photoshop but I like to notdo that.  I want to do it on my own first so I know what I am doing wrong.   Pictures that turn out really bad  though are fun to play with in my photoshop program.

   The water in this primative pond looks very dark in this light and was pretty smooth.  On this next picture I wanted the underwater branches to show as much as the branches which are over the water.  I am hoping by taking pictures in different lights and conditions I will learn what types of pictures are best in what type of lights as the natural lights are best if you can bring out the best in them I have found.


   Next couple of shots I simply took to see how the reflections looked.

   I thought this was kind of funny, maybe on a sunny day the sunken trees aren't as obvious as they were today.


   Yikes, I just realize what time it is.  One more picture and bedtime.  I will show some more tomorrow.  Oh goody!


rap4143 said...

Awesome images!!!

rbrown6172 said...

you have some great shots here, julie.  and going about it this way you will learn what works and what doesn't.  i think you do great.

rbrown6172 said...

you have some great shots here, julie.  and going about it this way you will learn what works and what doesn't.  i think you do great.

mariebm56 said...

No more color on the trees, where were these shot?  
We still have autumn color here in lower NY.
I agree with the light, but when you want the color in the leaves to be vibrant you do need the sun,( but behind you) thats when you can get some really nice lively shots.

You can see the wonderful texture in your photos, I love driftwood & reflections~
Wonderful shots, look forward to seeing more!

glensfork4 said...

Very nice pictures. I like that I can see what you saw How you saw. Thank you for sharing

coelha said...

Yummy..those cherries look so yummy..  They look like candy growing on those Dots... :)  Julie

radar446 said...

You are doing the best thing you can to learn how things work...going out and shooting.  I really like the ideas behind your pictures with the compositions.  You exposures seem to be pretty close to where I would think they should be.  However, exposure is totally up to the photographer and is used to set the mood of the shot...sometimes that means overexposing/underexposing the image to meet the needs.

In your one shot with the root system, I think by reducing the exposure -1/3 you might be able to control the highlights in the front of the trunk.  You can do this either by speeding up the shutter, or by stopping down the lens aperture.  If it were me, I would stop the lens down a bit to try and get the tree in the background to appear a bit sharper.  If you were going for a blurred effect, then I would open up the aperture even more than you have, and speed the shutter up accordingly.

Cloudy days are wonderful for shooting close up and intimate landscapes.  One must be very careful when including the sky on these days.  It is almost a given that the sky will expose as a featureless white backdrop unless the clouds are very dark and have a wide range of tones.


lanurseprn said...

First I'm craving cherries!  They look so nice and ready to eat!!   Your pictures are so good.  Lucky you to have such a lovely area to go explore your camera and photgraphy skills.  Looking forward to more.

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