Monday, October 23, 2006

Johns Monday Morning Photo shoot.

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Things You Made

         This week for the Photo Shoot, it's time to show off!

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of something you've made. Pottery, cookies, a drawing or painting, a poem or a pipe cleaner stick man -- it's all good, it just has to have been made by you. Show off your creativity.

   Now normally I am not a creative person.  I buy what clever people make.  I was going to show pictures of the wonderful tomatoes I grew but decided on a couple of needlepoints I did.  Hundred of stitches in that picture.

   Here is the last one I did.  I had a difficult time getting the flash not to show in the picture.

   And then last a really ugly ashtray I made in school.  Why it is still around I don't know, it just won't go away.   We would term this a fugly in dealer circles.

Now you can see why I buy.


coelha said...

Beautiful needlepoint!!! :)  Julie

madcobug said...

I love that needlepoint. I have a three framed ones my daughter did and gave to me. Helen

mariebm56 said...

Love your needlepoint.  The ashtray is cool too, looks like a fun piece.  I did pottery yeeeeeeeears ago.  At one time I was thinking about buying a kiln.  

deslily said...

beautiful needlepoint pictures!!

rbrown6172 said...

love your needlepoint.  and the ashtray is pretty cool, too.  :)

nhd106 said...

Hey, I happen to LIKE that funky ashtray!  ;)


fisherkristina said...

The needlepoints are gorgeous!  Now if I could like ashtrays, which I don't, LOL, yours would be the coolest!


lurkynat said...

hi ! Actually I love to needlepoint! thanks for shwoing these! mine are usually landscapes or flowers! they make great pillows!

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