Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Scavenger hunt #92


Photo Scavenger Hunt #92 will be due on Sunday. October 15, at 11:00 PM EST.

The subject this week is:
  "Trees, leaves, and anything

I know we already had "Autumn", but I think I introduced it a bit too early.  I think we can get some wonderful shots this week!!  Hope you all have some fun with this!  And, yes, Raven
, you can have the leaves blowin' in the wind!

  Well since my last few entries have been fall pictures this time I will concentrate on leaves.  I have a leaf theme running through my house.  In my bathroom I have falling leaves wallpaper


and in the tub the tiles are leafs


   My kitchen has a couple of Anne Van Briggle pottery leaves


   And my countertop have a leaf pattern.


  And on some of the walls in my house and in my closets I have stamped leaf patterns


   In my livingroom I have leaves with faces.


    So here is my entry.



radar446 said...

Very cool decorating, I would have never thought you could do so much on a leaf motif.  Guess your house just sends out that vibe "Just leaf", so how many long term guests do you have?  You know I'm just kidding, I really do like what you have done.  For some reason, the faces in the two leaves captivates me, I'm just not sure exactly why, but I like them.


nhd106 said...

Being a fall person, I love your decorations...especially that last one w/ the faces.  Very cool...

mariebm56 said...

Great collection of leaves~

fisherkristina said...

Now aren't they pretty, and very artistic!


valphish said...

Oh, these are so neat!  I especially like the ones with the faces on them.  So cool!  Thanks for participating! xox

rayne1123 said...

very nicde

xxroxymamaxx said...

that is very interesting that you have all those leaves around your house.  : )  I have elephants. lol  Big hugs and GBu, Shelly

jlocorriere05 said...

I love your pottery leaves! Great entry! Jeannette xx  

fasttrack58 said...

I love the leaves all through your house!!
especially the pottery leaves...
Have a great Sunday!
Linda :)

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