Friday, October 27, 2006

More Why I like these shots

  Thanks everyone for your kind comments and Greg, you are absolutely right, the sky is totally void of color and very boring when it is overcast, it adds nothing to the picture and even the top of pictures look less vibrate.  All the color seems to get concentrated down lower.

    OK on this picture I just love the new with the old.  The contrast is great.  I wish I had gotten more half and half, more dead leaves but for me this picture works.

         Now this next picture I call When a Good Picture goes Bad.   I was so fixated on setting my settings and centering my shot I didn't really take my eye off the camera.  I download the picture and am horrified to see a big poo coming out the behind of my otherwise really nice shot.  Lesson here, look at what your shooting at.  If I had I could of moved it away from its potty break and taken a shot worthy of framing.   Now it will get tucked into my lessons learned file.  P.S.  What does it mean when the wooly bully is completely black?



   This shot I really like because it turned out exactly how I wanted it to turn out.  I wanted to shoot through the branches focusing on the berries inside.  I wanted the leaves in the foreground to not take the focus and I am new enough at this that when it did exactly what I wanted I was tickled pink.  Takes so little to please me, LOL.

  This one did not turn out and it was simply because I was shooting up into the dreary sky and I just couldn't get it to lighten up to save my soul. I even tried my flash which was even worse.  A nice oval frame saved it somewhat but it is what it is, dark, another lesson learned.

   I just love a path.  One covered with leaves and canopied by large trees is especially nice.  So next some paths I like.  Maybe because I am remember the day I think they  show a sense of it being a cool day also, cool and dark.  I also wish they would find some way to bottle the spicy scent of a fall wood.  So earthy.

    The difference between men and women.   I saw this and thought about the wood grain and color of the wood, how really neat.  My husband saw this and saw a wrinkle butt if you turn your head to the side.  Once we were driving on a curvey scary mountain road.   My husband all of a sudden started laughing so hard he almost wreaked and we had to pull over to the side.  When he looked at the mountain we were driving to right after a rain he said "Oh God, that looks just like a sweaty butt crack and then lost it all over again".  He is also responsible for the butt mushroom I had early in one of myjournals, Why the man sees butts in nature I do not know.  Normally he is not into that type of humor.  Got to love him.

My last picture tonight is one I like because to me it signifies what I like about Stone Park.  It is a prinitive park which for the most park has been left untouched, not prettied up for the public.  You see deer and wild turkey standing in the woods and I have had to step over bull snakes sunning on the trail.

          Well its late again and I had to resort to a pain pill today.  Maybe from the hike yesterday or the fact that I had surgery not that long ago,  either way I am ready for bed.




madcobug said...

I think all the pictures are great myself. I agree with your husband about what the knot looks like on the tree. LOL. Gotta have a few laughs along the way. By the way would you mind adding my name to your list of readers in your private journal and send me the link so I can put it on my alerts. Thanks, Helen

rap4143 said...

Oh I love all of your images. I really wish I could be with you taking photos right along with your!!! Great fun and pictures.

lanurseprn said...

He is DOES look like a butt! LOL!  Glad you guys enjoyed the laugh.
Beautiful pictures!

rbrown6172 said...

yep...hubby is right.  i had to laugh.  lol  i like what you're doing here...some good insight for me, too.

radar446 said...

These are some very good shots!  I love the berries where you used your control over depth of field...well done!  I remember when I was experiementing with that control and how happy I got when I "landed" the picture.  Your first one with the new leaves on top of the old is well thought out and composed.  I get exactly what you are saying with this shot.  I have a similar one where a new vine is growing from a decaying stump of a tree (Life after Death).  When you are shooting on cloudy days are you setting your white balance?  It looks like you are shooting with auto WB.  If you switch to the "Cloudy" WB setting you will see the colors come out a bit more, and a warming effect can be seen.  You exposures seem to be right on in most, if not all of these pictures by the way.


mariebm56 said...

You had a successful photo shoot, nice contrast on the top two & texture, lovely color on the berry photos & wonderful texture through out.

nhd106 said...

Yes, I'm a 45 year old woman who laughs at trees that looks like butts too!  LOL!
C'mon admit it...they do!
Anway, gorgeous shots...I always love paths too.  And the berries!   mmmmmm...


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