Monday, October 2, 2006

John's Monday morning Photo shoot.


Your Monday Photo Shoot: Bobble Heads!

Here's a springy Photo Shoot for you:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Someone in your house you probably have one (or more) bobble-head figurines. Immortalize them in photo. For this, any bobbly toy will do -- bobbly hula girls, toy animals with bobbly tails, it's all good. They just have to be bobbly somewhere along the line.

 Well it isn't the traditional bobble head but it is the only one I have and the head does bob around, in fact the entire body, which is the head bobs around........



mrsm711 said...

I Like IT!  :)

madcobug said...

That is cute. I once has a rabbit thats head did that and also a football player whos head did it. Helen

tc01hm said...

Does it belly laugh too! Cute guy!

rbrown6172 said...

he's perfect!  i love it.  ;)

radar446 said...

Very appropriate for the month we have now entered.  I wonder if I would count as a bobble head right now.  I'm just getting home from work, and my head is flopping around as I am checking my emails.  I really think I could pass as a bobble head right now.


rayne1123 said...


jamie24601 said...

at my last job, one of my bosses had a snowman like this.  it's metal, right?  we all used to walk past the desk and pat him on the head and watch him bounce.


mavarin said...

Wow, that is an unusual one.  I like it a lot!  Well-presented photo, too. - Karen

mavarin said...

Wow, that is an unusual one.  I like it a lot!  Well-presented photo, too. - Karen

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