Sunday, October 8, 2006

Fun with Photoshop

     First of all before I show the pictures I would just like to thank everyone for their comments and helpful tips, it means alot.  Thanks everyone!

     Next, I took some pictures today and some turned out, some didn't.  I played with ones that didn't turn out so good and here are some of the results.  Fun stuff

  Still trying to get my lens figured out, when the best time to use it and things.  Several shots turned out way to dark.   So I made them darker.  Very halloween like.


  The hills are losing some of their colors as the leaves fall but I created some new and exciting ones.


  It was overcast which was causing some of my picture woes but the clouds really look threatening done this way.  Really looks like a winter sky.


   Last we were downtown listening to our favorite jazz band and I got some shots.  This picture did not turn out well, blurry.  It does however look pretty good when you do it poster style.  I am going to make some prints and give them to them next time they play.


   Now instead of a bad picture, it is an interesting picture.


   Now this last picture I like both ways.


   My next entries will be some pictures that agains't the odds turned out pretty good.  I don't need to tell you how many didn't but if you take lots of pictures you probably know.


nhd106 said...

WAY COOL!  Love the jazzy men..and the leaves.  I wanna play too!


rbrown6172 said...

love what ya did with the jazz pic.....and love those floating leaves!  i've really got to learn what all i can do in photoshop!!  

rebuketheworld said...

These are soooooooooo beautiful...can I snag them?....The falling leaves, the ocean and the mountains.....all those belong on a wall....your really gifted....!


radar446 said...

The infrared look in number three is awesome!!  That is an effect I have thought about trying in the field.  It will take another filter that I don't have, or I can shoot IR film in a film camera that I should be getting in the next couple of weeks.  The leaves with the black background (low key) turned out excellent as a still life.  And, yes I know all about the ratio of keepers to junk when it comes to going through your pictures at the end of the day.


lanurseprn said...

How fun to be able to edit pictures like that.  Love the jazz band one.  Looks so much better when you fixed it up.
You are so clever!

mariebm56 said...

cool effects & results!

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