Sunday, October 8, 2006

The last of fall pictures.

   Your Monday Photo Shoot: Leaves are changing color all over the US -- show us the foliage in your neck of the woods. Normally I say that pictures from your archives are fine and dandy, but for this assignment try to get fresh photos of the change of the season. Remember also that even though this is called the Monday Photo Shoot, you can still submit pictures on Tuesday, Wednesday or even Thursday morning -- so you have some time to find that perfect fall photo.  Siince the assignment just came today and posting these yesterday they will have to do.  The wind blew most of the last leaves off the trees today.  Starting to look lke winter in Iowa.

I knew a good wind would be the end of our pretty fall trees and such is the case.  What a difference a week makes.  Now there are losts of pictures here again, sorry about that for those of you who have dial up like I do.

Most of these I had my new lens on.  Some I took it off for and both sets look good, some just look more vibrate.  One shot though the blue water seemed to cast itself onto the shore but I probably had it turned wrong since I can never see in the viewer.  Notice how bare the trees are getting!

   Funny side story.  Years ago I had a pervert flash me while I was walking my dog around this park.   Laughter wasn't what he expected I guess.   The only way to really shock a nurse was if he could wrap it around his neck twice.  With my laughter, and my 110 pound dogs snarls he took his sorry self off to go make someones elses day.

        I like the picture below.  Wish it had been a tad sunnier out.


   This used to be the prettiest little place to fish but you can not believe all the garbage that was in the water and all over.  Why do people come to pretty places like this and trash it.  I had a difficult time getting pictures without the garbage but maybe I should have taken some with the garbage and sent them to our city council.  Time to clean up the park.  You can see all the picnic tables they have dumped in the water.

Next some path shots, I am rather a sucker for paths.

Can you hear the crunch of leaves under your feet?  Feel the chill in the air?


Notice no tables to picnic on, they are all in the water!

  And 2 last pictures.  I forgot this one of the jazz players.

                    Country road take me home


rbrown6172 said...

some very pretty pics.  the leaves around here....well most of em....are still holding.  it won't be long, tho.

lanurseprn said...

absolutely beautiful pictures.  Can I come visit you and see this in person??

nhd106 said...

No...I'M a sucker for path shots.   Ohhhhhhhhhh....

It's interesting that you're at the end of fall...we're just beginning.  Yet, we just returned from upstate NY and they're farther ahead but not peaked yet.  I got some beautiful shots though...on my new camera of course!

And for the life of me, I don't get how people can litter at all...let alone beautiful, natural places.


rebuketheworld said...

yah can sit in front of any of these pictures on a cool night, glass of wine and stare...any of them....You really have a great eye for a good shot...I wish I could take photos....but it would take too long to gain the knowledge when I can just snag one of


madcobug said...

I love all those paths and the road. You did good. Helen

radar446 said...

Some more great shots to add to your collection.  Its not going to be too much longer and we will be in the same boat where a good stiff breeze with shed the leaves from the trees.  That is the nice thing about photography, you can go back and remember how it looked before the winds.


mariebm56 said...

beautiful shots

lindaggeorge said...

How lovely, you certainly live in a beautiful part of the world. Here in Worcester, in the Heart of England, our trees are only just starting to turn colour but there is talk of a frost in the next day or two, that will change the colours dramatically. I shall take some photos then.


xxroxymamaxx said...

These are so beautiful Julie!  Makes want me want to go there. Hugs and GBu, Shelly

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