Thursday, July 20, 2006

The baby deer are back

   2 Baby fawns showed up today.  I didn't have time to set up the picture and make sure it was focused well because they are alittle flighty when they are young.  Not sure if they are Mommy Deerest babies as the mother was in the woods.  If I had tried to approach the babies I bet I would have found out real soon who the mother was, LOL

   My favorite dragonfly posed for some more pictures.  Its hard to get most bugs to sit still, this one poses.



fisherkristina said...

The fawns are beautiful.  The dragonfly is also.


radar446 said...

You are really turning into quite the wildlife photographer.  The fawns are beautiful, and you did a great job snapping them so quickly.


shanazdrojowy said...

LOL, this bug looks like he's kissing the steel ball in one picture!  Shana  Love at first sight?

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