Monday, July 3, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt.

   Krissy is back to the Photo Hunt and this is the next one #82.  I am glad I found the site as it helps you look at things differently.

      The subject for this week is:  Red White and Blue

Interpret that any way you would like.  No rules!  Just have fun!  


  This is my entry.  The deer skull, the corn, the American Flag.  So American.  Happy 4th everyone.  And yes, my husband does have this hanging off my garage, sigh.


   We found this along side the road and I just knew I had to include it in the photo shoot.


radar446 said...

Very Cool!  Love the flags and the skull.  Something very Texas about it.  Well done!


shanazdrojowy said...

Nicely composed pic of your garage decor... I never would've guessed!  Very shabby chic!  Shana

fisherkristina said...

I really love these photos.  I normally wouldn't have liked to have a deer head on my garage door, but, there is something very interesting about the whole arrangement of that thing, LOL.  And the matches are very cool!


pharmolo said...

Very interesting image - indeed, the skull

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