Friday, July 14, 2006

still shots

                               Dragonfly on my antenna.

                                               Terminal Grain

                                               After the Rain

                                      Young Squirrel

    In case you were wondering where Sgt. Floyd was buried, here it is in Sioux City, Iowa.  Not everyone dies who passes through.

                                             Sleeping Cherub

                 Last but not least my peppers, looking good!


radar446 said...

OK, I gotta ask...what is it with you and dragonflies?  They seem to flock to you and pose with a smile.  You have chosen some very nice subjects to photograph, I see you are really starting to look at things differently aren't you?  Great choice with the sepia tone with the train shot.  A very minor repositioning to the left and this would have been a kick butt image!  I also like that you captured the one flower right after the rain.  Its a photographer's trick to carry a small spray bottle to duplicate the same effect you got naturally.  I still need to find a good mister for my camera bag.  You are improving every time you post.


fisherkristina said...



inquestoftruth said...

Wow, have a great eye for what makes a great pic!   These are very good!   You just encourage me to figure out to really use my camera and take more pics....     Great journal here.

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