Monday, July 3, 2006

Some close ups

  I seem to do pretty good with the close ups of flowers and things.  I like the macro on this camera.  Some of these are really nice I think.   Some need work.  The cone flower below is nice but bright.  That is why I need to learn how to control my light and brightness.

   I don't know what kind of flower this is below, I thought just a weed but it is lovely.  Also I didn't realize it had the 2 grasshoppers on it until I downloaded it.  Cool.

   The dragonfly is blurry but I thought it was interesting to note they are mating.  I didn't know there were 2 of them until I looked at the picture.


fisherkristina said...

Breathtaking photos.  I am really glad I found your journal!  Thanks for playing the photo scavenger hunt.  I am going to put your journal on my alerts.  Your photography is just breathtaking!


valphish said...

Outstanding, honey!  I love your subjects!  Wow, mating dragonflys, awesome!  I'm putting you on alerts.  I love photo journals =)!!  Keep up the good work, honey! xox

radar446 said...

I really like the subjects that you have chosen to photograph.  I'm like you, half the time I don't know what the name of the flower is...or if it's a weed.  Either way, if it captures your interest shoot it!  As far as you controlling the light, I think your exposure is just fine in these shots.  There are some blown out portions, but that is due to the sun, and nothing that you did.  I think you would have better luck on a cloudy day when the sun is high in the sky.  The clouds will diffuse the light and give you a nice even illumination with no highlights.  The added benefit is the detail that was in the shadows will come out.  You have a great camera in the H1, and one that I have recommended several times.  Sony has some great imaging technology...just ask Nikon, they use Sony sensors in a large number of their cameras.


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