Monday, July 3, 2006

The Bird Bath

  The bird didn't want to put its head up as much as I would have liked but I think these turned out pretty good.  I used the setting for movement.


   The last picture here is my favorite.  Look at that face.  Next I have a couple of bunny pictures.  The first I call Resting Rabbit.  She looks mad I am disturbing her.

The next pictures are where my zoom comes in handy.  I was across the yard when the finch went to the feeder.  I hope to catch most of the birds that visit.


  I am not very pleased with the picture below.  I am having trouble with focusing and will have to dig my tripod out.  Hopefully the more I learn about my camera the better I will become.  There is a photographer in town who has classes.  His pictures are wonderful.  I may see how much it costs to take his class.  I have a great Cannon camera with lots of lens that was my brothers.  It is almost all manual.  He took such great pictures with it but the settings always made me nervous.  I should learn how to use it andthen my digital will be a breeze.

     If you can give me any hints feel free.

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