Saturday, July 29, 2006

Cicada Files

   It is cicada season and the trees are alive with the large winged insect.   I love them.  The pictures below are in my pear tree.  They seem to like it.



    Ok, now I know this isn't a cicada but I like this picture and thought I would throw it in.

                                Looks cool the next way also.


fisherkristina said...

Great shots but gross, LOL!  They are here too!


radar446 said...

Wonderful detail!!  They are a pretty common place thing around here as well.  They tend to make lots of racket.  I love the shell of a car, it looks great in the Sepia tone.  I think its time for Chip Foose to get that thing Overhauled!


inquestoftruth said...

Every time I look at this journal of yours, I get inspired to learn a little more about my camera and photography...   Very good pics!

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