Tuesday, July 11, 2006





  I sit in my backyard and wait for things to come to me for their pictures.  Since we feed all the critters they aren't very scared of us so get quite close.  Photo op!  I wanted to see what it would look like black and white.  The color is below


   This is a young squirrel that was raiding the feeders.  It is suppose to eat out of the pan on the ground.

   Now this little squirrel knows the correct way.

    I did this bike with the black and white feature on my camera.  When I get better at using the manual controls I think it will turn out better.  Lighting could be better.

    I think I centered these flowers really nicely, pat pat on the back.  So pretty.

    I had 8 of these morning doves around the feeders this morning.  They get into the squirrel one as they feed off the ground.


radar446 said...

These are really good!!  You are giving that zooooom lens a workout.  I don't think there is a better camera choice for this type of photography...at least that isn't an SLR.  I think you are learning your camera quite well.  Photographing wildlife usually calls for the photographer to act fast, and precise.  Well done!


fisherkristina said...

These are all fantastic!  I love the squirrels and also the doves!  Actually I love them all.  
Note from my husband John after viewing your photos:  You have a real talent for taking pictures.  I like them very much.


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