Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Monday Morning Photo Shoot

   It is time for the monday morning photo shoot.   I had quite a few that I thought looked good but 2 I will post.    I didn't do one last week, my work week so 2 this week is good, right!   Anyway the rules are below.

By The Way...
Subject: Your Monday Photo Shoot: Life in Negative
Author: johnmscalzi
"Time for your Monday Photo Shoot, and this time, I thought we'd try something just a little different, which will require the use of some photo tools:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: With photo editing tools, take a picture of yours and turn it into a negative. The idea here is not to take just any picture, mind you, but one that you think will look particularly striking with its colors inverted.

   Since Mommy Deerest has been hanging around being pesky lately I got a picture of her that looks good in a negative way.  Shows all her scars and nicks.  She is getting to be an old lady.

  I also like the looks of this pivot irrigator shooting its stream of water.  The corn looks good in negative also.


   Did I say 2?  I mean't 3 because, well because I like this one also.  But this is it, really!


radar446 said...

I really like these!  The deer and the cemetary are my favorites.  I think I may just have to participate in this monday morning photo shoot.  Thanks for the inspiration.


coelha said...

Whoa...  That cemetary picture is pretty freaky!  I like 'em!  Julie :)  

demandnlilchit said...

I'm liking the cemetary shot too!!!


fisherkristina said...

I like the cemetary one.  The deer is scaring me, LOL!


tc01hm said...

All three are very erie!

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