Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt # 85

           Krissy's hunt for this week is glass


.    We have a couple of buildings that are all glass and I though would look nice.  I like the reflections in them.  I wish I could have been there last week to get a night shot with the fireworks reflected in them but alas had to work.  The last is the glass of our new art center, I like that also.





fisherkristina said...

Oh how beautiful these buildings are!


radar446 said...

Glass buildings are just flat awesome!!!  Great choice for the hunt.


inquestoftruth said...

Julie...absolutely great pictures!!  

ctx424 said...

These are very good.

shanazdrojowy said...

Yes!  I like the reflections too!  Have you ever considered adding some photos to The Mirror Project?  www.mirrorproject.com  These buildings would be perfect fodder to get you started!  Read the rules:  the photographer and the camera should be present in the reflected photo.  Have fun!  And in the meantime, keep up these great Scavenger Hunt entries!  Shana

pharmolo said...

Some eye-catching images for sure - a lot of buildings these days are nothing but a sea of glass...


nhd106 said...

Hey, Love your Journal...signed up for your alerts.   I'll be back!


inafrnz247 said...

Amazing reflection of the sky in the first one..  great shots!  MIchelle

fasttrack58 said...

Wow great shots for the hunt!!
Have a great weekend!
Linda :)

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