Saturday, July 8, 2006

Through the Lens eye

   I just liked the way the new was surrounding this old tree that had been hit by lightening. 

   This shot above was because of the clouds.  A storm was brewing and since I had a 20 mile bike ride to get back to town I was watching it closely.


                   The yellow in this daylily was as bright as the sun.


    I call this one Faded Beauty, once beautiful and still showing what it was but on the way out.

  Again the old with the new growth.

            Ashes to ashes even the headstones eventually go to dust.

   Corn is important in Iowa, you've seen Field of Dreams right?  Heaven!  Pivot irrigators are a part of life.


I saw these neat seed pods.  I don't know what the are but they looked pretty nice agains't the sky.

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fisherkristina said...

I just love all of these.


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